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Traditional Chinese medicine expert becomes honorary professor in Russia

ST. PETERSBURG, June 27 (Xinhua) -- Russia's St. Petersburg Traditional Chinese medicine hospital CEO Wang Zhaoyang recieved the title of Honorary Professor of St. Petersburg State Pediatric University on Tuesday.

The University Principal Dmitriy Ivanov said that St. Petersburg Traditional Chinese medicine hospital had provided efficient treatment for many patients since its opening in 2016.

According to Wang, this title is the symbol of understanding the efficiency of traditional Chinese medicine in Russia.

He believes that methods of Chinese medicine and modern Western medicine can be combined in order to provide better treatment of complex diseases.

Wang said traditional Chinese medicine has developed for thousands of years and has made a great contribution to maintaining the health of the nation. It has proved to be very effective against tumor after radiotherapy and chemotherapy symptoms, anxiety, depression, specific dermatitis, nerve injury, cerebral palsy and so on.


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