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Famous White Cliffs of Dover focal point as Britain hails the forces sweetheart

LONDON, March 20 (Xinhua) -- A huge picture of famous singer Vera Lynn, known as the forces sweetheart, was projected onto the White Cliffs of Dover Monday to celebrate her 100th birthday.

Dame Vera was unable to attend celebrations in the south coast port town to mark her centenary, but she sent a message to wellwishers.

Lynn's uplifting songs during World War 2, including her most famous, the White Cliffs of Dover and We'll Meet Again, were credited with boosting the morale of British troops and families at home during the war.

A number of fans, now in their 80s and 90s who, as young soldiers in the war, were serenaded by the singer, joined local schoolchildren, as well as civic leaders to commemorate Lynn's birthday.

There was even a lookalike at he party of wartime prime minister, Winston Churchill.

During the war she often crossed the English Channel to sing to allied soldiers fighting Germans in war zones across mainland Europe.

Lynn continued as a popular entertainer in Britain in a career spanning decades, and her songs are still popular.

In an interview to mark her birthday, Lynn said: "When I look on my mantelpiece and see these cards wishing me a happy 100th birthday, I can't believe it. But there you are, time marches on and this is what I have on my mantelpiece to remind me."


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